Knowing how to master medical emergencies

JDMT offers solutions for all medical emergencies and acute situations. In doing so, JDMT can either act in a planning function, or by employing its own professionals, or by enabling third parties to provide the appropriate aid.

Acute medical situations can arise anywhere and everywhere. It is important to be prepared to deal with them when they arise. Medical aid should be provided quickly and effectively. Analysing risks is always part of every concept. 

Being ready to deal quickly and effectively with medical emergencies ist not only important for the person affected; it also reduces the danger of detrimental consequences for those in a position of responsibility.

In this entire area of acute medical questions, JDMT acts conceptually, operatively and internationally.

Medical Professionals

Together with its own employees and those of partner companies, JDMT has for many years been providing adequate acute health care for individuals, at events and for institutions. 

Funding is determined by the risk analysis, professional experience and customer requirements. Services are provided in a discrete and disciplined manner.

JDMT is particularly well established in the field of company events, VIP care and sensitive environments. 

JDMT enjoys a very close and cooperative working relationship with public emergency services and ambulance call centres.

First aid in companies

JDMT sets up and offers comprehensive support to in-house medical services for companies. In-house medical services are better in a system. JDMT is the only system provider for in-house medical services in Switzerland. 

Employment laws dictate that employers provide a functioning first aid set-up in their company. In an emergency, first aid should be provided swiftly and professionally. 

Organised first aid is successful when it is perceived as a system. An one-off course in first aid, or the purchase of a defibrillator, is not what companies need; they need a proper system for first aid. 

The components needed for success include

  • Doctrine 
  • Training and advanced training
  • Equipment 
  • Professional hotline support in an emergency
  • Evaluation and optimisation

JDMT offers the following services:

  • Advice in setting up and further developing in-house medical services
  • Developing a concept for in-house medical services
  • Training and advanced training of first-aiders
  • Sale, hire and maintenance of equipment 
  • 24/7 hotline support in emergencies
  • Online support via the first aid web portal Helptown
  • Quality assurance measures (assessing cases, checking operability, reporting to next level)