A profession in the process of change

The day to day work of a doctor is currently undergoing epochal change. The profession is changing; young doctors increasingly want to work part-time. For years, there has been an increasing shortage of medical professionals. More and more posts remain vacant.

And the actual services offered by doctors are changing too. Medical care in peripheral areas is endangered; complex medicine is concentrated in just a few centres. Economic constraints add to the problem.

JDMT has carefully thought through the changes in the profession of practitioners from a number of angles:

  • How should medical services be provided in general?
  • How can the workplace of a doctor be optimised?
  • How can a doctor's workplace become more flexible - including with regard to part-time positions?
  • How can vacant positions be filled?
  • How can the processes of practitioners be improved?
  • How can doctor training and advanced training be optimised? 
  • And finally, what support services does the profession need to function in an optimum manner?